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What Are You Waiting For?

You can get started on your community's TRIP Program right now......

You have done your homework.  Everyone agrees that there are unmet transportation needs in your community and that a new service needs to be organized and operated that provides user friendly and affordable service.

There is no better time than now to establish and begin to operate a TRIP service in your community.  We have created low cost tools to get your service up, running and providing needed rides quickly.  It is easy, fast and can be very inexpensive to provide the nation's best volunteer driver service for those in your community who need special transportation assistance.

Simply get your "How To Start...." manual and you're on the way.  TripTrakTM software is a sophisticated subscription Private Cloud application that provides complete TRIP Model administration, management, control and performance reporting for your program.  View the product sheet.  

Starting a TRIP service in your community is very affordable.  Please visit our store and you will be impressed with how inexpensive it is for you to get everything you need.



"How To Start a TRIP Service

in Your Community Manual"

$175 +tax&shipping

"...we have been pouring over your manual

and it is a big help. Thanks again."
Glenna Blake, Mendocino Transit Authority

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Complete TRIP Model Administration, Management, Control and Reporting

Private Cloud Technology

It is the goal of the Independent Living Partnership to make it easy for organizations and communities to operate their own TRIP Program!